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Veritas II

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Veritas II is a versatile measurement capsule that is designed for a variety of measurement tasks, allowing you to design, build, test, and collaborate with other audio enthusiasts.

Veritas II is an earphone coupler with integrated microphone. Use our provided correction curve to simulate an IEC 60318-4 spec ("711") measurement system. Measure frequency response and distortion with your favorite measurement program. 

We've designed Veritas II with two o-ring grooves that allow installation into a larger assembly. This enables Veritas II to act as the measurement system integral to a full-size headphone measurement jig (to be announced Q3 2017).

The top o-ring groove also acts as a reference. The tip of your earphone should be level with the reference groove. This allows you to visually gauge insertion depth to improve treble response consistency.

The internal taper is borrowed from the Vibro Veritas simply because it works very well. It's compatible with custom earphones, universal earphones, and armature bundles.

Veritas II includes:

  • Veritas II acoustic coupler 
  • integrated microphone
  • integrated cable
  • blue acoustic putty (0.2 oz / 5.5 g)


  • Frequency Response test software. ARTA (PC) or FuzzMeasure (Mac) are great low cost options. 
  • Any macOS or Windows computer with a powered 3.5mm microphone jack and headphone jack. macOS users may need an external sound card.


Note: Earphone couplers are most precise from 100Hz to 10kHz. Insertion depth effects treble measurements. Seal effects bass measurements. Veritas II is not 711 compliant, so use discretion when comparing Veritas II results to those taken with a 711 coupler.