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Knowles GV bundle (+dampers)

Regular price $ 120.00

NOTE: This listing is for two GV units and four dampers. We recommend purchasing one for an earphone build.

To build a complete earphone, order one Knowles GV (+dampers) kit and one CIEM kit.

The GV Quad armature bundle provides ultimate neutrality and sub-bass extension in an easy-to-build bundle. Long gone are the days of crossover confusion and selecting armatures. The GV gets you to peak performance with only two tubes and two wires. 

We've teamed up with Knowles to offer our customers the Knowles GV, a quad armature all-in-one made up of a HODVTEC, a TWFK, and a built-in crossover. The HODVTEC provides industry-leading fast and extended sub-bass that transitions smoothly into the lower mids. The TWFK replicates the ear canal's natural response curve and is the industry standard for accurate mids with a touch of treble extension. Knowles has gone further to create two new iterations of these world-class drivers to promote even better extension and has paired them with an eloquent three-way crossover.

Whether you are an audiophile or a stage performer, the Knowles GV will place you in the upper tiers with nothing more than two tubes and two wires. It's a homebuilder's dream come true.


(2) Knowles GV
(2) 1500A damper (for tweeter)
(2) 3300A damper (for woofer)