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The Vibro CIEM kit makes it easy to build your own custom in-ear monitors. We designed this kit to be as easy as possible to build with minimal tools and no experience. Our 3d printed shells come prepared with jack mount and bores, so no grinding or drilling is necessary to install your armature bundle.

You must design and build your own armature bundle. The armature, dampers, and crossover parts are available from Digi-Key. Check out our recommended recipes at the end of this page. These are a great starting point for any homebuilder.

You must visit an Audiologist to get your ear impressions! We ship your kit 21 days after receiving your impressions.

Note: We return your impressions so you can use them in future projects. Once you have ordered shells from us, we can reprint them without your impressions.

CIEM Kit Contains:

  • (2) Premium 3d printed shells
  • (2) Faceplates, matched to shells
  • (1) Black cable, USA made, 2-pin, 90° termination
  • (2) 2-pin jacks
  • (10) Litz wire, 1.25", tinned
  • (1) Harmon #04001 epoxy packet
  • (1) Brushpick cleaning tool
  • Small and large acoustic tubing






Recommended Recipes

These parts can be purchased from Digi-Key.


    • (2) Knowles HE-31751
    • (2) Knowles BF-1860 (on tweeter)
    • (2) Knowles BF-1921 (on woofer)


    • (2) Knowles GK-31732
    • (2) Knowles BF-1861 (on tweeter)
    • (2) Knowles BF-1921 (on woofer)