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This StarTech ICUSBAUDIO2D is the audio interface we recommend Vibro Veritas customers use for all measurements. It works on Mac and PC.

IEM Building

This Starret 126C pin vice accepts small drills, files, saws, and Dremel bits. We use it for drilling tube holes and fine detail work.


This Hakko CHP-170 cuts tubing and strips wires better than anything we've tried.

These curved tweezers are perfect for handling tiny components such as balanced armatures.

This watchmakers loupe lets you identify balanced armatures and view fine work.


This Hakko 508-1/P is our favorite low-cost soldering iron for detailed work.


This Kester 0.020" silver solder is our solder of choice for prototyping.

These black nitrile gloves are necessary when handling solvents, adhesives, and UV curing materials.