Announcing Veritas II – versatile measurement capsule with 711 correction curve


Luke - I just assembled my first diyearphone set of SLA shells. I can tell you that I will never touch my dremel or have to find chunks of acrylic in my hair again. I'll never yell about a krystalloid investment sleeve going badly. Never worry obsessively with a toothpick like a crackhead about bubbles in my fotoplast... I'll never get frustrated trying to time my UV cures with my ghetto UV oven and maybe my wife and kids won't ask who the dude is that lives in the basement. Amazing sir. I'm now adding $129 + shipping to Maine for every set I do. This is the UE7 pro triple for the working man that I always knew was out there. All I ask is that you don't stop doing what you do. That is my suggestion. Thanks again. -Isaac