Announcing Veritas II – versatile measurement capsule with 711 correction curve

Armature Measurements

Knowles Balanced Armatures

Knowles components are often used by homebuilders because they can be purchased from DigiKey in single quantities. They also provide design guides and training videos. Industry regards them as having the highest quality and highest priced balanced armatures. The two most commonly used armatures are the Knowles TWFK (tweeter-mid) and the Knowles CI (woofer). The SWFK (dual tweeter) and HODVTEC (dual ported mid-woofer) are less common but offer unique performance characteristics and should always be considered.

Knowles also manufactures drop-in multi-way armature assemblies. The GK is a TWFK + CI with a built in crossover. Throw it in a shell and solder two wires and you have made a high quality triple.

The HODVTEC is unique because it comes ported from the factory, but can be easily sealed for tighter bass.

Common Configurations

Manufacturers often build their entire product line out of TWFK and CI drivers. For example:

  • Dual — TWFK
  • Triple — TWFK + CI
  • Five — (2) TWFK + CI
  • Ten — (4) TWFK + (2) CI